Club Competition Update

The official MWA Contest season has ended. The ARRL DX Phone Contest was the last event in our 12-event schedule. The Sun has cooperated this season and given us plenty of excitement, and lots of openings on the high bands!!

Despite low turnout, the MWA score increased by 42% over last year! AC0W spent time in Bonaire with PJ4G, W0CN helped the J68HZ multi-op, K0BBC operated HH2AA remotely and five MWA Op’s used the W0AA call as a distributed multi-op! Big efforts from K0YR and W0BM should also be noted! Here are the top scores contributing to the MWA increase:

AC0W 1,656,608 K0MPH 459,077
W0CN 1,361,071 K0RC 452,525
K0YR 1,205,160 NR0T 452,525
W0BM 1,141,056 WA0MHJ 452,525
N0AT 659,223 WB0VHF 452,525
NI0K 636,615 N0HJZ 442,260
W0ELT 627,198 K0EA 432,900
K0BBC 531,822 K0AD 356,364
KF0GV 475,383 WB0N 351,000
W0PMO 459,342 ND0C 323,748
AA0AW 319,665

    Here are the team results:

    • Team South – 8,757,246 Points – 24 active operators (35% of the team)
    • Team North – 6,767,920 Points – 25 active operators (28% of the team)
    • TOTAL MWA – 15,525,166 Points – Up 42.05% over last year!  49 active operators (31% of the club)

    The final pizza results are complete. Team South finished with 9 Pizza Points while Team North had 3 Pizza Points. People have commented that the Pizza competition was lopsided and how could it be a closer competition? It all came down to participation and BIC time. Team South, with a smaller team, got in the chair more often, and stayed in the chair to operate longer. I’ll try to pull together some stats to show the results in activity numbers.

    Congrats to everyone that got on the air this season.  We really added a LOT of points!  Next season will be even better.  Start making a list of your antenna projects to increase your scores for 2023-2024.

    73, Rich NØHJZ


    One Million Points

    A few of you asked me to share how to get to a million points in the contest season. You need to make an effort to be active in all 11 contests in our contest season. I think that, with a minimal station, and some BIC time, everyone in MWA could do this. Here is the formula:

    • CQWW RTTY – 300 QSO’s x 75 mults (average QSO worth 2 pts) = 45,000 points
    • CQWW DX Phone – 400 QSO’s x 200 mults (average QSO worth 2.5 pts) = 200,000 points
    • Sweepstakes CW – 350 QSO’s x 75 mults (QSO’s worth 2 pts) = 52,500 points
    • Sweepstakes Phone – 350 QSO’s x 75 mults (QSO’s worth 2 pts) = 52,500 points
    • CQWW DX CW – 400 QSO’s x 200 mults (average QSO worth 2.5 pts) = 200,000 points
    • ARRL 160 Meter Contest – 250 QSO’s x 50 mults (QSO’s worth 2 pts) = 25,000 points
    • ARRL 10 Meter Contest – 300 QSO’s x 60 mults (average QSO worth 2.5 pts) = 45,000 points
    • ARRL RTTY Round-Up – 400 QSO’s x 50 mults (QSO’s worth 1 pt) = 20,000 points
    • Minnesota QSO Party – 400 QSO’s x 60 mults (QSO’s worth 2 pts) = 48,000 points
    • ARRL DX CW – 350 QSO’s x 150 mults (QSO’s worth 3 pts) = 157,500 points
    • ARRL DX Phone – 350 QSO’s x 150 mults (QSO’s worth 3 pts) = 157,500 points

    FULL YEAR TOTAL = 1,003,000 points

    You’ll need to work all three modes. You can go with low power or high power. You can run assisted to add to your multiplier count. You just need to get on the air and spend some time making QSO’s! If anyone needs more help getting their station ready for the contest season, let me know.

    I hope this helps more stations earn their certificates at next years meeting and enjoy the contest season more!

    73, Rich NØHJZ