Award Policy


Plaques will be awarded to winners in the following categories:

  • Minnesota Single Op Mixed Mode
  • Minnesota Single Op QRP Mixed Mode (5 W or less)
  • Minnesota Single Op Phone
  • Minnesota Single Op CW
  • Minnesota Multi-Op (1 or 2 transmitters – Multiple Ops)
  • Minnesota Mobile – 1 transmitter (No Limit on # of Ops)
  • Minnesota Rover – 1 Transmitter (No Limit on # of Ops)

  • W/VE Single Op Mixed Mode Low Power (100 W or less)
  • W/VE Single Op Mixed Mode High Power
  • W/VE Single Op Mixed Mode QRP (5 W or less)
  • W/VE Single Op Phone
  • W/VE Single Op CW

Awarding of plaques in each category will be subject to the following conditions:

  • The winning participant must achieve the top score in that category
  • The winning participant must make at least 100 QSOs
  • There must be a least 5 entrants in that category
  • If the plaque is not sponsored, the winner will be given the following three options:
    • Fund the plaque themselves
    • Receive a certificate in lieu of a plaque
    • Decline the award

Plaque sponsors will have their name (or organization name) engraved on the plaque or plaques that they sponsor.


Certificates will be awarded to following:

  • First place winners in each State / Province
  • Minnesota stations who set a new scoring record for the county they operate in
  • The top scorer in each DXCC country submitting an entry
  • The top scorer in the W/VE Multi-Operator Category.  All participants identified in the log submission will receive a certificate.

Certificates in PDF format will be emailed to the winner. The winner may request a mailed certificate at no cost to them.

Special Gift

A special gift (currently Minnesota Wild Rice) will be awarded to the top 10 scorers from W/VE and top 6 Single Operator scorers from Minnesota (this excludes Mobile and Rover categories). Awarding of this special gift will be subject to the gifts being fully funded (including postage).


The MNQP Contest Committee will solicit sponsors for all plaques and special gifts as defined above.  The following rules apply to sponsorship:

  • The cost to sponsor a plaque is $80.
  • The cost to support/sponsor the Minnesota Wild Rice Program is $60, this sponsors 4 bags of rice.
  • Sponsors (organizations or individuals) may designate the plaque which they wish to sponsor if it is not previously sponsored.
  • Sponsors of a category from the previous year will be given the first opportunity to sponsor a plaque for that category in the current year.
  • All sponsorship fees must be paid by April 1 of the MNQP contest year.
  • If a plaque is sponsored and there is not a qualifying entry in that plaque’s category, the sponsor will be given the following options:
    • Transfer the sponsorship to another unfunded plaque category.
    • Apply the sponsorship dollars to next year’s plaque (in that category).
    • Refund the sponsorship