Club Competition Update

As you know, the CQ WPX CW (A few weekends ago) and WPX SSB (last weekend in March 2022) were added as the “Wild Card” point for next years Pizza Champions.  The 2021 – 2022 Contest Season has started!!
With the contest falling on Memorial Day Weekend, activity dropped.  Despite the holiday weekend, 39 MWA’ers got on the air and made some points!

Some of the larger single-op scores were:

  • KØAD – 2,325,311
  • NAØN – 1,340,535
  • NØAV – 1,257,149
  • WØOR – 1,137,488
  • KMØO – 811,166
  • WØBM – 718,500

A group from Team South tried the Distributed Multi-Op category and teamed up for almost 5 million points!

While this is a two-weekend event, Team Hennepin jumped out to a lead!  The SSB event will be hotly contested as this point is still up for grabs.

Here are the scores after the CW event:

  • Team Hennepin – 128,170 points per team member (6 team members active)
  • Team South – 119,926 points per team member (26 team members active)
  • Team North – 69,529 points per team member (8 team members active)

Link to complete results.

73, Rich NØHJZ


MN QSO Party

The Minnesota QSO Party was Saturday, February 6th. We hope you were able to join us for the fun. Make sure you send in your logs. All the information you need is on our MN QSO Party pages.


MWA Friend Files

The various friend files for the different contest software have been updated based on current MWA membership. There are two versions for each program, one has MWA flag in the file so when it comes up on the screen you see MWA along with name, etc. Some people like this and others don’t.

The zip file name with at the very end has the MWA flag in the file.

Each zip file also has instructions on how to install with the particular software.


MWA Merchandise

MWA merchandise is available from the following vendors:

Name badge from
Tag-Me Engraving

MWA logo clothing from