Club Competition Update

The CQWW RTTY Contest was held at the end of September. While our activity was down, we ended up with a better score than last year! Congrats to Team South who picked up the first point towards the pizza at our 2021 Fall Meeting!

Here are the results:

  • Team South – 904,527 points (Up 139.85% over last year!) – 13 active team members
  • Team Hennepin – 987,301 points (Up 2.97% over last year!) – 9 active team members
  • Team North – 1,157,696 points (Down 15.10 points from last year) – 12 active team members
  • OVERALL MWA – 3,049,524 points (Up 12.96% over last year!) – 34 active club members (Only 22% of our club)

The next event will be the CQWW DX Phone Contest on October 24-25. We should be able to compete better against the other USA clubs as they won’t have all their DXpeditions out. Get your antennas tuned up and ready. It’ll be a lot of fun!

73, Rich NØHJZ


Fall Meeting Report

The fall MWA meeting was held Tuesday, September 22nd, over Zoom with over 60 members present.

The meeting slides are available here.

Jon WØZQ made a presentation on 160M Antenna Ideas for Urban Stations. Slides are available here.


MWA Friend Files

The various friend files for the different contest software have been updated based on current MWA membership. There are two versions for each program, one has MWA flag in the file so when it comes up on the screen you see MWA along with name, etc. Some people like this and others don’t.

The zip file name with at the very end has the MWA flag in the file.

Each zip file also has instructions on how to install with the particular software.


MWA Merchandise

MWA merchandise is available from the following vendors:

Name badge from
Tag-Me Engraving

MWA logo clothing from