Club Competition Update

We’ve been contesting and competing for seven months now. It took us all eleven events in the Contest Calendar to crown the 2021-2022 MWA Team Champions.

Team South knew they had to “run the table” on the final three events to win the pizza for a third year. They grabbed the point in the ARRL DX CW Contest in February. Although they threw everything they had at the contest, Team North was just too much. The Northern boys hooked up their microphones and added 1.5x the points of last year! Congrats to Team North on the victory in the ARRL DX Phone Contest and in the Pizza Competition! Here are all the numbers:

  • Team North – 1.495,764 Points (Up 162.44% over last year!) – 15 members active (28% of the team)
  • Team South – 8,604,741 Points (Up 132.92% over last year!) – 29 members active (42% of the team) 
  • Team Hennepin – 828,546 Points (Up 117.04% over last year!) – 11 members active (29% of the team)
  • TOTAL MWA – 10,929,051 Points (Up 135.24% over last year!) – 55 members active (34% of the club)


  • Team North – 6 Points (SS Phone, ARRL 160M, ARRL 10M, ARRY RTTY RU, MNQP & ARRL DX Phone)
  • Team South – 4 Points (CQWW RTTY, CQWW Phone, SS CW & ARRL DX CW)
  • Team Hennepin – 1 Point (CQWW CW)

There is still one point to be resolved.  The CQ WPX Phone Contest is the final weekend of March.  This will be the final point of the season.  We hope everyone will be active.

73, Rich NØHJZ


MN QSO Party

The Minnesota QSO Party was Saturday, February 5th. Thanks to everyone who was able to join us for the fun. Don’t forget to submit your log. All the information you need is on our MN QSO Party pages.


MWA Friend Files

The various friend files for the different contest software have been updated based on current MWA membership. There are two versions for each program, one has MWA flag in the file so when it comes up on the screen you see MWA along with name, etc. Some people like this and others don’t.

The zip file name with at the very end has the MWA flag in the file.

Each zip file also has instructions on how to install with the particular software.


MWA Merchandise

MWA merchandise is available from the following vendors:

Name badge from
Tag-Me Engraving

MWA logo clothing from