MN QSO Party

The Minnesota QSO Party is Saturday, February 6th. We hope you will join us for the fun. All the information you need is on our MN QSO Party pages.


Club Competition Update

While this is not one of the bigger events on the MWA schedule, the RTTY RU produced some very good scores for MWA this year!  Activity and BIC time was up!

Before the overall team scores, here are the folks who kept their butts in the chair long enough to score 50k or higher.


Also, congrats to Dave, K9QC, for turning in his first score in a while. Welcome back to MWA Dave!

The Southern juggernaut continues to move forward. After Team Hennepin had taken the last two Pizza Points, people had begun to question Team South. Were they a flash in the pan? Had they spent too much BIC time early in the contest season? Team South responded with a decisive victory. A higher percentage of activity and longer BIC time added up to another Pizza Point. Here are the results:

  • Team South – 1,143,837 Points (Up 148.42% over last year!) – 24 active members (36% of the team)
  • Team Hennepin – 444,956 Points (Up 24.82% over last year!) – 14 active members (34% of the team)
  • Team North – 439,763 Points (Up 13.77% over last year!) – 18 active members (32% of the team)
  • OVERALL MWA – 2,028,556 Points (Up 68.56% over last year!) – 56 active members (34% of the club)

Can anyone beat Team South for the Pizza?  The answer is Yes!  Team South has 5 Pizza Points, Team Hennepin has 2 Pizza Points and Team North has 1 Pizza Point.

Team South has the lead but had the highest score in each of the remaining events this season. They have the toughest route to a victory. There are four events remaining (MNQP, ARRL DX CW, ARRL DX Phone and the combined 160 Meter events). A reminder that MNQP is the tiebreaker event. Here is how each team could win the Pizza:

  • Team North – You need to run the table and win all the remaining events. With lower scores last year than Team South, you have an easier route to the points the rest of the year. You need to get people on the air and run the table.
  • Team Hennepin – You need to win three of the remaining events and one of the events must be MNQP. You need to block South from winning anything. Winning three events, with one of them as MNQP, gives you a tie with South and the tiebreaker.
  • Team South – While South has the most points, they will have the toughest path to earning each point. South needs to win one more point. Hennepin has a very easy path to MNQP this year and South has a huge score to overcome in ARRL DX CW. The pizza will possibly be decided by the 160 Meter point or will come down to the final contest of the season.

There is a LOT of drama yet to unfold in the season!  Get another pillow for your chair and make sure you’ve got some operating time scheduled!  Let’s get ready to rumble!

73, Rich NØHJZ


MWA Friend Files

The various friend files for the different contest software have been updated based on current MWA membership. There are two versions for each program, one has MWA flag in the file so when it comes up on the screen you see MWA along with name, etc. Some people like this and others don’t.

The zip file name with at the very end has the MWA flag in the file.

Each zip file also has instructions on how to install with the particular software.


MWA Merchandise

MWA merchandise is available from the following vendors:

Name badge from
Tag-Me Engraving

MWA logo clothing from