Club Competition Update

Conditions were really good for last weekend’s ARRL DX Phone Contest. Lots and lots and lots of mults were worked, and even the QRP guys had incredible totals!

Activity within MWA was down year-over-year but scores were up! When the dust settled, Team South had taken the final Pizza Point of the season (further data below).

Here are the top individual scores from the contest:

  • W0CN 1,864,854
  • WA0MHJ 1,440,504
  • W0BM 1,380,060
  • W0ELT 1,104,462
  • N0HJZ 869,346
  • K0RC 770,310
  • K0YR 736,281
  • W0PMO 710,532
  • K4IU 708,228
  • K0JJR 575,100
  • KF0GV 479,700
  • AC9TO 478,908
  • W0UC 372,813
  • K0TJT 332,628
  • K0EA 326,922
  • K0AD 302,394
  • AA0AW 294,678
  • KB0EO 258,057
  • K0CN 250,668

The team scores are:

  • Team South – 9,072,714 Points – 23 active stations (35% of the team)
  • Team North – 6,548,558 Points – 24 active stations (29% of the team)
  • TOTAL MWA – 15,621,272 Points (Up 0.62% over last year!) – 47 club members active (32% of the club)

How did South win the point? People have asked about their own BIC and does it help. Yes. Not counting the DXpedition data, Team South averaged 479 QSO’s per active station while Team North averaged 361 QSO’s per active station. 118 QSO’s difference, or a couple extra hours in the chair.

We’re on to the QSO parties, WPX’s and other contests now. Congrats to everyone who was active this year! Now is the time to review your notes from the year and start workign on station improvements for 2024-2025!




MN QSO Party

The 2024 Minnesota QSO Party was on Saturday, February 3rd. Logs are due by February 17th. All the information you need is on our MN QSO Party pages. Thanks for your participation!


MWA Friend Files

The various friend files for the different contest software have been updated based on current MWA membership. There are two versions for each program, one has MWA flag in the file so when it comes up on the screen you see MWA along with name, etc. Some people like this and others don’t.

The zip file name with at the very end has the MWA flag in the file.

Each zip file also has instructions on how to install with the particular software.


MWA Merchandise

MWA merchandise is available from the following vendors:

Name badge from
Tag-Me Engraving

MWA logo clothing from