Club Competition Update

Conditions were really good for last weekend’s ARRL DX Phone Contest. Lots and lots and lots of mults were worked, and even the QRP guys had incredible totals!

Activity within MWA was down year-over-year but scores were up! When the dust settled, Team South had taken the final Pizza Point of the season (further data below).

Here are the top individual scores from the contest:

  • W0CN 1,864,854
  • WA0MHJ 1,440,504
  • W0BM 1,380,060
  • W0ELT 1,104,462
  • N0HJZ 869,346
  • K0RC 770,310
  • K0YR 736,281
  • W0PMO 710,532
  • K4IU 708,228
  • K0JJR 575,100
  • KF0GV 479,700
  • AC9TO 478,908
  • W0UC 372,813
  • K0TJT 332,628
  • K0EA 326,922
  • K0AD 302,394
  • AA0AW 294,678
  • KB0EO 258,057
  • K0CN 250,668

The team scores are:

  • Team South – 9,072,714 Points – 23 active stations (35% of the team)
  • Team North – 6,548,558 Points – 24 active stations (29% of the team)
  • TOTAL MWA – 15,621,272 Points (Up 0.62% over last year!) – 47 club members active (32% of the club)

How did South win the point? People have asked about their own BIC and does it help. Yes. Not counting the DXpedition data, Team South averaged 479 QSO’s per active station while Team North averaged 361 QSO’s per active station. 118 QSO’s difference, or a couple extra hours in the chair.

We’re on to the QSO parties, WPX’s and other contests now. Congrats to everyone who was active this year! Now is the time to review your notes from the year and start workign on station improvements for 2024-2025!




How To Win The Pizza-A New Way

We’ve come up with a new way to “win the pizza” for this season! In an attempt to have some fun, increase MWA scores, and level the playing field between contests, the MWA Team Competition has a new method for the 2015/2016 contest season. This was announced at the MWA meeting but I wanted to get the word out to everyone in the area.

Previously we used the percentage gain for the entire year as the determining factor for the winning team. Whoever increased the most over the entire season won the pizza. Simple!

As we analyzed the results, we found that the DX contests really drove the season. Why operate the little contests when you can create a large score in CQWW or ARRL DX? We looked at a way to make ARRL 160 or MNQP mean as much as the CQWW events.

Here is the result:

  • Each of our 11 contests will be separate events. Each contest will be worth one point (11 points total). The team that improves their score percentage the most (year over year) in each event will be awarded one point. Sweepstakes Phone is now worth the same as CQWW DX CW or ARRL RTTY Round-Up! Eleven separate points will be awarded for our eleven contests.
  • Each year we will also give out a bonus point for a specific event or set of contests. With this one bonus point, there are 12 points available throughout the entire contest season.
  • If teams are tied at the end of the season, the tie breaker will be the team that improved their score percentage (year over year) in the Minnesota QSO Party.

This new scoring method will hopefully get more stations active in more events. We’ll see increased activity, more QSO’s for each of us, and larger scores for MWA! I’ll have the first results out soon. Let me know if you have any questions.

73 Rich NØHJZ


One Million Points

A few of you asked me to share how to get to a million points in the contest season. You need to make an effort to be active in all 11 contests in our contest season. I think that, with a minimal station, and some BIC time, everyone in MWA could do this. Here is the formula:

  • CQWW RTTY – 300 QSO’s x 75 mults (average QSO worth 2 pts) = 45,000 points
  • CQWW DX Phone – 400 QSO’s x 200 mults (average QSO worth 2.5 pts) = 200,000 points
  • Sweepstakes CW – 350 QSO’s x 75 mults (QSO’s worth 2 pts) = 52,500 points
  • Sweepstakes Phone – 350 QSO’s x 75 mults (QSO’s worth 2 pts) = 52,500 points
  • CQWW DX CW – 400 QSO’s x 200 mults (average QSO worth 2.5 pts) = 200,000 points
  • ARRL 160 Meter Contest – 250 QSO’s x 50 mults (QSO’s worth 2 pts) = 25,000 points
  • ARRL 10 Meter Contest – 300 QSO’s x 60 mults (average QSO worth 2.5 pts) = 45,000 points
  • ARRL RTTY Round-Up – 400 QSO’s x 50 mults (QSO’s worth 1 pt) = 20,000 points
  • Minnesota QSO Party – 400 QSO’s x 60 mults (QSO’s worth 2 pts) = 48,000 points
  • ARRL DX CW – 350 QSO’s x 150 mults (QSO’s worth 3 pts) = 157,500 points
  • ARRL DX Phone – 350 QSO’s x 150 mults (QSO’s worth 3 pts) = 157,500 points

FULL YEAR TOTAL = 1,003,000 points

You’ll need to work all three modes. You can go with low power or high power. You can run assisted to add to your multiplier count. You just need to get on the air and spend some time making QSO’s! If anyone needs more help getting their station ready for the contest season, let me know.

I hope this helps more stations earn their certificates at next years meeting and enjoy the contest season more!

73, Rich NØHJZ