Club Competition Update

The MWA contest season kicked off last weekend! Team North came out swinging! Activity was higher for Team North and they took the point! Here are the preliminary results:

  • Team North – 7,132,198 points – 26 team members active (33% of the team)
  • Team South – 4,096,981 points – 16 team members active (25% of the team)
  • TOTAL MWA – 11,229,179 points (Down 19.17% from last year) – 42 club members active (30% of the club)

The sunspot cycle is up but our activity was down. That’s why we didn’t match last year’s score. We need to work to get more club members on the air. Congrats Team North on the first win of the new contest season!!

Our next contest is the Wild Card contest, the California QSO Part on October 7 & 8. We’re at the perfect distance from California to have huge QSO counts! Let’s get everyone on the air to run up a huge MWA score!

73, Rich NØHJZ