Club Competition Update

Despite conditions that were not stellar, the Minnesota QSO Party was a huge success! It looks like all counties were activated and there was
continual operation on most bands throughout the day! Thanks to everyone that got on the air!

While activity was good, we can do better! We only had 40% of our club active. Can you imagine the activity and QSO counts we could produce if we all got on the air?! Next year!!

People kept their butts in the chair longer this year! Eight stations reported scores over 50,000 points and another seven stations scored over 100k! Great effort everyone!

Team South managed to get more stations on the air and they won the pizza point! Their 26 station effort (almost half the team) was tops in MWA.

Here are the results:

  • Team South – 1,036,995 points (Up 61.41% over last year!) – 26 active
  • stations (49% of the team)
  • Team North – 778,488 points (Up 17.50% over last year!) – 24 active
  • stations (41% of the team)
  • Team Hennepin – 407,875 points (Up 12.10% over last year!) – 13 active stations (29% of the team)
  • OVERALL MWA – 2,223,358 points (Up 33.23%) over last year!) – 63 active stations (40% of the club)

The overall pizza competition moves onto ARRL DX CW in a couple weeks.

Team South still leads the pizza competition:

Team South – 4 points
Team Hennepin – 3 points
Team North – 2 points

73, Rich NØHJZ