Club Competition Update

Our 2021-2022 Contest Season kicked off last weekend with the CQWW RTTY Contest.  While this contest has never been a big draw within the club, the contest did provide some good activity, lots of DX and good QSO rates!  Now to the results:

  • Team South – 3,038,046 points (Up 266.71% over last year!) – 17 active team members (26% of the team)
  • Team North – 2,895,508 points (Up 169.82% over last year!) – 15 active team members (30% of the team)
  • Team Hennepin – 1,373,276 points (Up 31.42% over last year!) – 7 active team members (19% of the team)
  • OVERALL MWA – 7,306,830 points (Up 147.98% over last year!) – 39 active club members (26% of the club)

Congrats to Team South for winning the first point of the contest season!

Is a three-peat in the works for Team South?  Vegas says “no.”  I made a quick call to the Radiosport Betting Site at the MGM Grand and talked with their Manager, Jimmy Marconi, about the betting line.  I asked Jimmy about the three teams and their odds.  Jimmy’s comments:

“While Team South has been firing on all cylinders, our Vegas team feels they may have shot all their cannons last year.  Unless they can add more members or add even more activity, it’s going to be tough to beat last year.  We place the Team South odds at 9:2.  Don’t count out Team South, but it would take historic activity to win a third pizza.”

“Our Vegas Team sees this as a two team race.  Team North and Team Hennepin are both poised to win this season and both have 3:1 odds.  This will come down to which team can keep the butts in the chairs.  The three keys we are looking at are Sweepstakes, ARRL 10 Meter and the RTTY Round-Up.  Those contests could determine the Champion.”

There you have it.  The oddsmakers in Vegas have spoken and now it’s time to get on the air.  Ten more events will play out before we determine the 2021-2022 Pizza Champion.  

73, Rich NØHJZ