Club Competition Update

The CQWW RTTY Contest was held at the end of September. While our activity was down, we ended up with a better score than last year! Congrats to Team South who picked up the first point towards the pizza at our 2021 Fall Meeting!

Here are the results:

  • Team South – 904,527 points (Up 139.85% over last year!) – 13 active team members
  • Team Hennepin – 987,301 points (Up 2.97% over last year!) – 9 active team members
  • Team North – 1,157,696 points (Down 15.10 points from last year) – 12 active team members
  • OVERALL MWA – 3,049,524 points (Up 12.96% over last year!) – 34 active club members (Only 22% of our club)

The next event will be the CQWW DX Phone Contest on October 24-25. We should be able to compete better against the other USA clubs as they won’t have all their DXpeditions out. Get your antennas tuned up and ready. It’ll be a lot of fun!

73, Rich NØHJZ