MN QSO Party FT8 Operation


Because of the gaining popularity of this mode, and several recent inquiries, we will accommodate QSO’s made in this mode for the Minnesota QSO Party.

Making ten (10) or more QSO’s in this mode will be awarded with 500 bonus points.

The standard exchange provided in WSJT of signal strength and grid square will be used. Identify participating stations by the using the CQ macros listed below.
Please do not attempt to merge contacts made in FT-8 mode with contacts made in the other modes. Start with a clean (empty) ADIF file in WSJT, and at the end of the QSO Party, email the ADIF file along with other contest logs to the sponsor. Rename the ADIF file to “yourcall.adi”.
Follow rules as listed for the MNQP. (i.e. no WARC band contacts, no non-MN to non-MN QSO’s will be credited.) No multiplier credit will be given for FT-8 QSO’s, ONLY the 500 point bonus credit.

Suggested CQ macros:

For non- Minnesota:  CQ MN W1XYZ
For Minnesota:  CQ MQP WB0AAA