Club Competition Update

The race for the pepperoni just got a lot tighter!
Team South pulled out a win in the RTTY Round-Up to grab the point for the contest win, plus the bonus point for the RTTY RU being our featured contest for this season!  They jump firmly into second place in the Pizza Standings!
Here are the RTTY Round-Up results:
  • Team South - 460,222 points (Up 47.40% over last year) 15 stations active (28% of team)
  • Team North - 407,349 points (Up 20.43% over last year) 20 stations active (32% of team)
  • Team Hennepin - 326,553 points (Down 10.78% from last year) 18 stations active (39% of team)

TOTAL MWA - 1,194,124 points (Up 17.48% over last year) 53 stations active (33% of club)



  • Team North - 4 Pts - CQWW DX Phone, SS CW, ARRL 160M & ARRL 10M
  • Team South - 3 Pts - CQWW RTTY, RTTY RU & Bonus Point
  • Team Hennepin - 2 Pts - SS Phone & CQWW DX CW
We have a big contest coming up on February 2nd.  Winning the point for MNQP will be critical to winning the pizza!  Get your stations tuned up and ready as Minnesota becomes the center of the universe!