Club Competition Update

The scoring updates have been posted to the website.  The Sweepstakes CW scores have been posted and tabulated.
Not sure if it is the contest, the mode, the starting time, the scoring or the weekend, but MWA gave SS CW a bit of a yawn.  We had our lowest turnout in quite a while.  Team North managed the most stations and claimed the win!  Here are the scores:
  • Team North - 1,015,034 points (Up 73.97% over last year!) - 21 stations active (34% of team)
  • Team South - 675,942 points (Down 8.64% from last year) - 13 stations active (25% of team)
  • Team Hennepin - 811,644 points (Down 25.66% from last year) - 13 stations active (31% of team)

TOTAL MWA - 2,502,620 points (Up 3.63% over last year!) - 47 stations active (30% of club)

Here are the totals for the pizza:

  • Team North - 2 Pts (CQWW Phone & SSCW)
  • Team South - 1 Pt (CQWW RTTY)
  • Team Hennepin - 0 Pts
We've got a bit over a week until SS Phone.  Get your antennas tuned up and pull out your microphone!